Why should you use Lyosis® ?

Our software has been developed in close partnership with deep domain experts to deliver a state-of-the-art solution for the data management of Fracture Liaison Services.

The Monitoring System aims clinical work at amelioration and stakeholders’ workflow betterment:

  • A browser-based on-house service in the PFC center, which helps doctors, nurses and administrative staff to manage all work – related to patients and processes – more effectively
  • KPIs dashboard to measure and optimize the associated processes and track performance
  • Optimized workflow to reduce administrative overhead and double work
  • A significant reduction of costs for human resources
  • Optimal patient care through task-driven workflow

What is Post Fracture Care?

Post Fracture Care, commonly known as PFC, are coordinator-based, secondary fracture prevention services implemented by health care systems. The PFC enhances the communication between health care providers by providing a care pathway for the treatment of fragility fracture patients.

The PFC will ensure all patients presenting with fragility fractures to the particular locality or institution receive fracture risk assessment and treatment where appropriate. The service will be comprised of a dedicated caseworker, often a clinical nurse specialist, who works to pre-agreed protocols to case-find and assess fracture patients.

The PFC can be based in secondary or primary care health care settings and requires support from a medically qualified practitioner, whether it be a hospital doctor with expertise in fragility fracture prevention or a primary care physician with a specialist interest.